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For another year, Vestechpro will hold Wear It Smart 2018, the fourth edition of Montreal’s first symposium on wearables.


In 2018, the theme of the symposium, entitled Smart Workwear for a Safe Workforce, will be the use of wearables in the workplace to improve worker safety.  

Profiles of 200 participants:
  • Human Resources and OSH professionals

  • Professional equipment procurement managers

  • Companies offering OSH solutions (technology and equipment)

  • Professors / Researchers / Students (workwear sector, wearable technologies)

Targeted Sectors (non-exhaustive list):
  • Construction / Public Works

  • Mining Industry

  • Energy Industries

  • Transport

  • Manufacturers and Suppliers of Professional Equipment

  • Wearable Technology Providers

  • Banks, Insurance Companies and Investors

More info about previous editions :

Click below to watch our Wear It Smart 2016 video:

Previous editions' programs: 

Strategic information
State-of-the-art training

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The center has made intelligent clothing one of its research niches and supports companies in the development of connected clothing products.